The Home Cases: Home/the/at/from – Evin Halleri: Ev/i/e/de/den

THE HOME CASES: HOME/THE/AT/FROMThis project has been written and implemented by the artist and curator Seçkin AYDIN, who has been working on the theme of “Home” since 2011. Diyarbakir (Turkey), Ústí nad Labem (Czech Republic), Tallinn (Estonia), Berlin (Germany), Bucharest (Romania), Batman (Turkey) as done in the cities “Home Exhibitions” is a continuation of each other.2 art collectives and 43 participants, consisting of artists, architects, curators, fashion designers, poets, culture and art theorists from ten countries contributed to the project. A total of 45 videos are presented, in which participants from different disciplines describe their personal experiences and observations about the art and life they experienced during the pandemic process.In order to facilitate a complete follow-up about the experiences, productions and CVs of the artists in terms of the audience, a separate artist profile was created for each artist. In addition, a virtual gallery was established within the scope of the project to ensure that all the works in the project are monitored together. Thus, this project, which will be exhibited in a fully virtual environment, has gained a semi-documentary semi-artistic format.The videos and works will be published on the project’s website on July 13, 2020, at 19:00 and the link will be posted at this event page and and at .

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