@ErniesPopUpSpa  is a recurring performance when I pop up in various settings and invite you to take an “art school haircut”. I start with a head and neck massage as a way of knowing  the best haircut for you in that moment. @ErniesPopUpSpa  explores trust, touch, intimacy and transformation.

@ErniesPopUpSpa at Kohvik Tops (19 November 2016) Photo by Ryan Lachelt (2016)

4 April 2018 Saariaho Järvenpää Gallery, Helsinki Finland

12 February 2018 Wysing Contemporary Art Centre, Bourne, U.K.

10 December 2017, Miami Art Week, Miami Florida, U.S.

20 September 2017 ANTI Contemporary Art Festival, Kuopio Finland

1-3 September 2017 Kultturibingo, Oulu Finland

30 July 2017 ILMIÖ festival, Turku Finland

11 May 2017 Noize festival, New Orleans Louisiana U.S.

3 May 2017 Chaz Fest, New Orleans Louisiana U.S.

17 March 2017 Temporary, Helsinki Finland

8-11 February 2017 #ErrorSpa Barents Spektekal, Kirkenes Norway

5-6 October 2016 #ErrorSpa Pikene på Broen, Kirkenes Norway

19 November 2016 Tops cafe, Tallinn Estonia

27 September, Hairfucker Studio, St. Petersburg Russia

15 September 2016, Fish Fabrique, St. Petersburg Russia

10 September 2016 The Museum of Nonconformist Art, Pushinskaya 10 St. Petersburg Russia

27 August 2016 Polymer Festival, Tallinn Estonia

25 August 2016 Tokyo Hub, Aalto University, Helsinki Finland

23-27 September 2015 Pixelache Festival, Helsinki Finland